Meet Jessica of Premier Lending, Inc. in Downtown Tracy

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Describe your business: 

I assist families and individuals in purchasing homes through financial real estate transactions.

Why did you choose this profession?

I stumbled into the world of real estate and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so when the opportunity arose to enter the lending side of the industry, I jumped at it. I’m the type of person who seizes opportunities to learn and grow, and although I initially joined to gain knowledge and experience in the lending business, I had no idea how much I would love it. Assisting families and individuals in achieving their homeownership dreams is incredibly fulfilling for me. My background is in social work, and helping people and families attain this major milestone is immensely gratifying.

What was it like when you first started?

It was during the time when the market declined after 2006, and many people were pessimistic. Some individuals even told me that I was entering the market at the wrong time. However, when my group informed me of the numerous opportunities available, I knew I was with the right team. I wasn’t discouraged by the downturn and have remained with this company ever since. The positivity displayed by my colleagues from the beginning created an environment that I thrive in. Despite the market decline, I viewed the situation positively and was able to assist families, which was all that mattered to me.


What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you?

The realization that achieving homeownership is a significant milestone for families and individuals is what drives me. Being able to assist someone in reaching such a monumental goal is immensely fulfilling. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to assist numerous first-time homebuyers who primarily speak Spanish. Being able to help my community is a significant bonus for me, especially given that I am Latina.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

It can be challenging at times, but I enjoy working with clients of all ethnicities, ages, and genders. The fact that every client is unique and requires different approaches is what makes this job so rewarding. I appreciate that there is not just one type of client, and I get to interact with a diverse range of individuals.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Working with clients from different backgrounds and walks of life can be challenging, particularly when it comes to managing different personalities. As a real estate professional, I work with various parties, such as listing agents and selling agents, among others. What makes this role challenging is that I often find myself acting as the middle person between multiple individuals. However, my social work background has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively mediate and facilitate communication between the parties involved.

What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to establish a strong presence in the Central Valley, particularly in the Tracy community and surrounding cities, and to expand my business locally. As the only representative of my company in this area, I aspire to grow my business and establish a team to support me.

What inspired you to move to this community? When do you move to this community? Why do you continue to stay here and grow your family here?

I originally lived on the peninsula, but after moving to the East Bay and having my first child, the crowdedness of the area was overwhelming. However, a friend in Tracy invited us to visit and I was immediately drawn to the small town atmosphere and the fact that it was only a half-hour drive from where we lived. With my work flexibility and the ability to work from home, I suggested to my husband that we move to Tracy. That was 9 years ago, and now that we are settled here, I love the small town feel and the lack of crowds. I enjoy supporting the local mom and pop shops and the fact that I can reach San Francisco within an hour. I never realized before, but it truly is a central location, with easy access to everywhere I want to go. We found a small school for our children, ages 6-10, and I can’t imagine living in a big city or large town again.

What do you think makes this community unique to others?

Over the past few years, I have noticed an influx of people moving to Tracy, and with that has come a beautiful mix of ethnicities and ages. The community has become truly diverse, and I love the unique perspectives and cultures that each individual brings.

How does this community come together to support its residents through tough times?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Tracy went above and beyond to support local businesses and ensure that they could safely open as soon as possible. They helped downtown shops by creating outside seating options, which allowed them to comply with social distancing guidelines while still serving customers. I am impressed by the city’s efforts and believe they did an amazing job in supporting the community during this difficult time.

Are there any non-profits that you would recommend to newcomers?

There is the McHenry House, a family shelter which has responded to the needs of families in crisis from Tracy and other regions surrounding the city. Additionally, I believe that the Boys and Girls Club is another great organization that provides important resources and support to young people in the community. These organizations play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for people in Tracy.

What are some of the challenges that the community faces today and what is the community doing to address them? 

With the increasing number of people moving to Tracy, one of the challenges we face is the need for more restaurants and shops. As the city has grown, there is more demand for these types of establishments, and I have noticed that there are often longer wait times and larger crowds. In order to meet this demand and continue to provide high-quality services to the community, it is important to expand the availability of retail and restaurant options. This will not only benefit the local economy but also enhance the overall experience of living in Tracy.

With the influx of people coming in how do you think traffic has been? 

Traffic has definitely been affected in Tracy, and the rainy weather has caused some of our roads to deteriorate. As a result, there is a need to alleviate traffic in the community and improve the condition of our roads.

What are some of the hidden gems that people might not know about in Tracy?

Tracy has some great new businesses that have opened recently. I would actually recommend all our downtown businesses. I love Chapter 2, The Commons, Stained Canvass and Popo’s on 6th. One of my favorite coffee shops is World Coffee, and Chapter 2 is a new restaurant that opened during the pandemic. They offer American cuisine, but also have specials like Italian or Louisiana cuisine. It is a mom-and-pop shop, which adds to its charm. White Willow Wellness is a crystal shop that offers a unique experience. Another restaurant I highly recommend is Popo’s, located on 6th street. They serve delicious American-Hawaiian and Louisiana cuisine that will make your taste buds soar. It’s a hidden gem because it’s located all the way down on 6th street, so not many people know about it.

How does the community celebrate different cultural events and holidays?

Tracy has several festive events throughout the year such as homecoming, Halloween, and Christmas parades. These events give the small town a unique feel. The 4th of July celebration is also a big event in the community. Additionally, Easter is around the corner and shops come together to organize special events like “hop and shop” or wine tasting events. The community truly comes together during these events, showcasing the strong bond between the residents.

What do you think people outside the community might not understand about Tracy and what would you like them to know?

Tracy is just as beautiful as other towns such as Burlingame. Our downtown area is up and coming with a variety of delicious restaurants. However, I feel like we often get passed up because we are a smaller town. Despite this, I love that our businesses are mostly mom and pop shops, which adds to the charm of the town.

How do people in the community stay connected with one another?

The City of Tracy was quick to respond to COVID-19 restrictions by allowing restaurants to offer outdoor seating, which made the community feel safe and connected. The City of Tracy also has a Facebook page where they post information about events, such as the weekly farmers market held every Saturday between 8am-12/1pm. It’s great that Tracy is surrounded by so much agriculture, allowing for farm-to-fork dining experiences. Both The Commons and Juniors offer farm-to-table food as well.